Shannon Jaeger

Hi, I’m Shannon Jaeger! I’m a Franchise Advisor here at Franchise Sidekick.  I got my start in franchising over a decade ago while working in Corporate America as a way to diversify my investments.  Since then I have transitioned my focus solely on franchising and have owned and operated multiple brands and locations in both the home services and fitness industries.   I believe in the power of franchising and the opportunities it can provide to create wealth, freedom and  ultimately the opportunity to live your life on your terms.  I have helped dozens of aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs find their next step in business ownership and look forward to being your Sidekick and supporting your entrepreneurial journey!

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10 Years in Franchising
1000+ Clients Worked with
4 Businesses Owned
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Q&A With
Shannon Jaeger

What do you love about franchising?

I love franchising because of the opportunities it provides. There are limitless possibilities and with a playbook for success and proven concept you greatly reduce your risk and increase your time to value/profitability. Owning a franchise business allows you to build an asset, diversify income streams and to create generational wealth.

What do you love about working with clients?

I love helping people achieve their goals and dreams!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Fitness is one of my biggest passions and I exercise daily. I enjoy strength training, group cardio classes, dancing, yoga - you name it. I'm fortunate to live in an area with lots of trails and enjoy walking with my dogs. I love to travel with my family and see new places and I love to go out to dinner on the weekends and try new restaurants. I am married to my husband Bruce, who is my partner in live and in business. He also works in corporate america as a sales excecutive. We have 2 daughters that live with us Madeleine (12) and Gabriella (13) and two big kids Max (24) and Jessica (29) who live in NY. Our home is basically run by our two dogs Lexi (a dachsund/doberman mix!) and Sawyer (a morkie).

Favorite sidekick?

Chewbacca - He never let Han Solo (or princess Leia) down

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"Done is better than perfect. Take action, make progress, and don't let the pursuit of perfection hold you back from achieving your goals."