We work with franchise brands that are setting the gold standard in the industry. How do we separate Sidekick Certified Brands from the 4,000+ franchise concepts out there?

We have dozens of criteria we look for when analyzing a prospective brand for our Sidekick portfolio. We partner with brands that have superpowers like:

  • A great return on investment
  • Proven technology & support systems
  • Experienced leadership teams
  • Multi-unit opportunities with incredible growth potential
  • Most importantly, franchisees who are happy & profitable





Sidekick Certified Brands have a proven track record of historical success. These franchises exceed all the inventory requirements set by Franchise Sidekick. They've been offering franchises for over five years, have 25+ open locations, and boast strong validation from happy franchisees across different regions. 


Accelerated Brands meet all standard requirements set by Franchise Sidekick, and are positioned for rapid growth through market advantages and differentiators. With their unique selling points and distinguishing features, these franchises offer you the opportunity to thrive and expand your business. 



Standard brands have successfully passed Franchise Sidekick's risk assessment process and meet or exceed the base requirements. These Brands showcase their strong foundations, robust operating systems, and commitment to providing support. 

Looking for insider Info?

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  • What current franchisees have to say
  • The estimated return on investment
  • The best ways to finance this franchise
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