Jenna Godfrey

Hi! I'm Jenna, the IT & Development Specialist. I come from a unique schooling background, having gained software knowledge through a coding bootcamp rather than graduating with a degree. This background gives me valuable hands on experience, which I am able to apply here today!


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Jenna Godfrey

What do you love about franchising?

Getting to help people step into financial freedom.

What do you love about working with clients?

I enjoy helping my clients change for the better, becoming healthier and just overall more able.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I compete in Olympic Weightlifting as a hobby, as well as I love to read and spend time in the sunshine!

Favorite sidekick?

Dr. Watson

"No one who can read, ever looks at a book, even unopened on a shelf, like one who cannot."
Charles Dickens