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The Jimmy John's of lab testing - this franchise opportunity has one of the lowest breakeven points for a brick-and-mortar we’ve ever seen!


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Ramp up
  • You can start operating this franchise in under 90 days.
  • 5 or fewer employees per location
  • No special licensing or certifications are required to run this business
  • Home Based

    No lease negotiation or office requirement

Franchise System Growth badge
Franchise System Growth
Investment Costs badge
Investment Costs
  • Middle point of initial investment is under $250,000
  • A reduced price for territories beyond one
  • Retirement and SBA financing has been used by a franchisee
  • A discount for veterans, police or firefighters
Financial badge
  • An item 19 is available in the FDD to help with budgeting
  • The item 19 shows sales and expenses for franchise locations
  • The franchisor has experience total location growth over the past 12 months
  • Some revenue is generated through a recurring revenue model
  • Has more than 1 revenue source
  • Over 20% of revenue comes from B2B segment
  • Successful exits

    Previous Franchisees have had a successful and profitable exit

  • Rebates available

    Vendor rebates available to

  • Revenue Share

    The Franchisor offers a share of revenue from outside sources like the website, wholesale products, non-owned territories, etc.

  • Multi-Territory Scalability

    Ability to scale to multiple territories without having to buy more equipment or hire more employees to start.

Franchise Support badge
Franchise Support
  • You can operate this model semi-absentee.
  • A pre-determined technology package a franchisee will use to manage the business
  • Regular Franchisor provided KPI's a franchisee uses to manage their business
  • The franchisor has at least 1 corporate employee per 20 franchise locations open
  • The franchisor leadership has at least 10 combined years of experience in this industry.
  • The franchisor leadership has at least 20 combined years of experience in this industry.
  • A resource provided to franchisee to help with site selection based on the franchisor criteria
  • Preferred vendors have been established to assist franchisees to run their business. These may be but are not limited too accounting, marketing, insurance, payroll, staffing and more.
  • Franchisor has success coaches employees who are responsible for helping franchisees be successful
  • The franchisor holds an annual conference designed to help franchisees
  • Less than 10% of the leadership team has turned over in the past year
  • Ramp up benefits

    The franchisor offers time before all royalties and fees are due

  • Employee Recruiting Services Available

    A resource provided to franchisees to help find potential employees

Marketing/Customer Acquisition badge
Marketing/Customer Acquisition
  • A marketing plan that has been in place for 1 year or more and has been proven to acquire franchisee customers.
  • National Brand Awareness

    Over 100 locations open

  • Call Center

    A call center is available to franchisees to help with appointment setting

  • National Sales Accounts

    The franchisor has relationships set up with National Accounts for franchisees to sell through

Competitive Landscape badge
Competitive Landscape
  • The franchisor offers a proprietary product or service that can only be found in their business
  • Patented

    A part of the business is patented and no other business can offer the same product or service

  • Early to Market Concept

    Are there less than 3 national competing franchise concepts

This Industry-Disruptor is Changing the Game in the Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing Space

Fastest Labs is the first and only drug, alcohol, and DNA testing franchise in the United States that is non-medical and operates as a brick-and-mortar opportunity. Fastest Labs is already the number one fastest-growing drug testing franchise in this industry, with over 70 physical franchise locations and thousands of drug tests conducted each year. They see clients within 5 minutes rather than a typical 1-hour wait at a medical facility. LabFusion, their proprietary drug testing technology, reads and immediately reports a client’s drug test results in a confidential portal (rather than 1-3 days) enabling Fastest Labs to be an industry disrupter. Franchisees are able to find simple, small, class b real estate and can be open in as little as 2-4 months.

Fastest Labs franchisees stand side by side in front of the Fastest Labs building with logo.

Founder: Dave and LeDona Claflin

Home Office Location: San Antonio, TX

Company Founded: 2008

Current Awarded Franchises: 126

VetFran Discount: 10% off first territory franchise fee

$584,659* Single Unit Gross Revenue
$202,689 (34%)* Single Unit Adjusted Earnings

Fastest Labs Brand Story

Founders, Dave and LeDona Claflin, understand what it's like to be a franchisee, with 20+ years of experience owning and operating multiple brands themselves.

"Fastest Labs allows me to grow my personal wealth by growing my business. And a huge benefit of that is a better work-life balance because my weekend and evening schedule is flexible. The tools that Fastest Labs provides and training, allow me to focus 100% on growing my business. I follow the playbook and am succeeding, my ROI is great.”
Glenda Stachowiak, Fastest Labs Houston TX, Franchisee

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