Zoom Drain

Invest in a recession-proof essential service with remarkable item 19 - top location doing over $11 million!

Sidekick Hero Award - Top Franchisee Satisfaction
Sidekick Hero Award - Best First Time Business


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Ramp up
  • You can start operating this franchise in under 90 days.
  • 5 or fewer employees per location
  • Home Based

    No lease negotiation or office requirement

Franchise System Growth badge
Franchise System Growth
  • On a run

    Over 50 locations awarded in the past 6 months

  • Top Sidekick mover

    A top 20% brand awarded by Franchise Sidekick Advisors

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Investment Costs
  • Middle point of initial investment is under $250,000
  • A reduced price for territories beyond one
  • Retirement and SBA financing has been used by a franchisee
  • A discount for veterans, police or firefighters
Financial badge
  • An item 19 is available in the FDD to help with budgeting
  • The franchisor has experience total location growth over the past 12 months
  • Some revenue is generated through a recurring revenue model
  • Has more than 1 revenue source
  • Over 20% of revenue comes from B2B segment
  • Ability to scale to multiple territories without having to buy more equipment or hire more employees to start.
  • Profits Information Available

    The item 19 shows sales and expenses for franchise locations

  • Successful exits

    Previous Franchisees have had a successful and profitable exit

  • Rebates available

    Vendor rebates available to

  • Revenue Share

    The Franchisor offers a share of revenue from outside sources like the website, wholesale products, non-owned territories, etc.

Franchise Support badge
Franchise Support
  • You can operate this model semi-absentee.
  • The franchisor offers time before all royalties and fees are due
  • A pre-determined technology package a franchisee will use to manage the business
  • Regular Franchisor provided KPI's a franchisee uses to manage their business
  • The franchisor has at least 1 corporate employee per 20 franchise locations open
  • The franchisor leadership has at least 10 combined years of experience in this industry.
  • The franchisor leadership has at least 20 combined years of experience in this industry.
  • A resource provided to franchisees to help find potential employees
  • Preferred vendors have been established to assist franchisees to run their business. These may be but are not limited too accounting, marketing, insurance, payroll, staffing and more.
  • Franchisor has success coaches employees who are responsible for helping franchisees be successful
  • The franchisor holds an annual conference designed to help franchisees
  • Less than 10% of the leadership team has turned over in the past year
Marketing/Customer Acquisition badge
Marketing/Customer Acquisition
  • A marketing plan that has been in place for 1 year or more and has been proven to acquire franchisee customers.
  • A call center is available to franchisees to help with appointment setting
  • National Brand Awareness

    Over 100 locations open

  • National Sales Accounts

    The franchisor has relationships set up with National Accounts for franchisees to sell through

Competitive Landscape badge
Competitive Landscape
  • Patented

    A part of the business is patented and no other business can offer the same product or service

  • Proprietary Product or Service

    The franchisor offers a proprietary product or service that can only be found in their business

  • Early to Market Concept

    Are there less than 3 national competing franchise concepts

A Niche Essential Business with INCREDIBLE Revenue Potential

Zoom Drain specializes in drain repairs, cleanings, inspections, septic tank services, pump replacements and drain care products. Sure, it may not sound like a glamorous job, but Zoom's unprecedented revenue numbers makes for thriving businesses and happy franchisees. Founders Jim Criniti and Ellen Rohr combined their strengths and experience to build the Zoom Drain franchise model. They know the industry inside and out, and they know business. Through their leadership, Zoom Drain has built a reputation as a leader in the drain and sewer industry. Zoom Drain offers franchisees a simple, profitable, and scalable franchise model that only requires 3-4 employees to start. If their item 19 numbers aren't enough to pique your interest (Zees averaging over $1M in sales, top location doing nearly $11M), Zoom Drain's competitive advantages include recruiting support, an in-house training facility, B2B & B2C services, turnkey marketing, and technology solutions.

Taken from inside a Zoom Drain equipment truck looking out, Co-Founder Ellen Rohr is looking inside truck smiling and waving.

Founder: Jim Criniti

Home Office Location: Philadelphia, PA

Company Founded: 1995/2015

Current Awarded Franchises: 30

VetFran Discount: 10% off the first territory

$12,213,988* Gross Sales
$2,693,055* Estimated Earnings

Zoom Drain Brand Story

Sending customers' worries down the drain since 1995, Zoom Drain is the leading expert in all things drains, with a passionate team leading the charge.

"Zoom Drain has set itself apart in the industry by being clean, being well-stocked and trained, because a lot of times you’ll call somebody and it’s just like one dude with the van, who may or not have insurance, who may not have been background checked, who may or may not know what he’s doing. It is a very fragmented industry and you never know what you’re going to get when you make that call. I think Zoom, with their reputation, with their constant training, and with the branding that they’ve done, kind of eliminates those worries for a business owner or for a homeowner who needs their services."
Pamela Belyn, Zoom Drain Chicago, IL Franchisee

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